Cyanide – A Pill or Poison to Kill Precious Life?

Cyanide – A Pill or Poison to Kill Precious Life?

Cyanide is a fast-acting poison that stops cells from using oxygen, this results in quick drying of cells in basic organs including the brain and heart. Though consuming cyanide can be taken as an illegal act, but taking sodium cyanide won’t be counted as illegal since it is used in excavating gold, and is used for other industrial applications

However, taking Sodium Cyanide for any life-threatening purpose can result in harmful effects. So, for industrial purposes, different types of cyanide pill for sale is usually available!

How does Cyanide work?

Cyanide destroy the cell’s ability to function, the biggest action of cyanide is, collapsing the ability to transfer oxygen among cells, and for neurons to fire correctly, which eventually becomes the main reason for death. It causes respiratory failure on two fronts; one from lack of oxygen, and secondly due to the inability of lungs to function – in short lungs failure

This results in quick loss of consciousness, victim usually collapse as soon as they recognize the impact of this drug, also scream out loud, or cry out before losing their consciousness.

As chain of consequences goes on, this further leads to nerve damage, wreaked induces rapid beginning of extreme pain, this traumatic experience happens in seconds or less as consciousness stops working. Once get unconscious, victims probably die within a minute, nevertheless, since nerve damage is severe, they might survive hardly four minutes before giving up.

Signs & Symptoms

Severe Exposure

If cyanide is taken in the form of inhalation, then it can cause; cardiac arrest, apnea, coma with seizures, or most probably death within seconds.

On other hand, the fewer doze results in loss of consciousness, which may be headed by dizziness, general weakness, confusion, headaches, vertigo, and breathing problems

What Comes in Cyanide Antidote Kit?

The detour kit of cyanide poisoning primarily contains a pamphlet of instructions guiding the treatment of cyanide poisoning. It contains;

  • 12 ML Nitrile inhalants
  • 10 ML impulses of sodium Nitrate injection
  • 1 unit of 50 ml of sodium thiosulfate
  • 3 numbers of 22 gauge needles
  • 10 ML of disposable syringe
  • 50 ML disposable syringe
  • 50 ML non-sterile wide
  • Nozzle syringe
  • Nasogastric tube

Now let’s take a look at how to use this antidote kit in all cases of cyanide exposure even if the casualty appears to require quickly. The patient must be taken to the nearest hospital and must be monitored by an expert medical practitioner

How to Use the Cyanide Antidote Kit?

If the patient is conscious and breathing

Then put broken tablet MN nitrile to the patient’s nose five times at an interval of 15 seconds. If necessary, then it’s possible to charge the tablet with a new one every five minutes. It’s also possible to use three or four tablets by changing them

If a victim has swallowed the Sodium cyanide

Then it’s must induce vomiting in a patient through the use of an emetic, for instance around 1 percent of Sodium Thiosulfate or soapy water

If a patient is unconscious, yet breathing

In this case, never give anything by mouth to the unconscious patient, rather put a broken tablet of ML 9 to the patient’s nose for about 15 seconds, keep repeating the same procedure five times at an interval of 15 seconds. If necessary, you can also change the tablet with a new one after every 5 minutes

It’s also possible to use 3 or 4 tablets by changing them

If the Patient is Not breathing

In this case, you’ll need an artificial respiratory system until patients start breathing, and when they finally catch their breath, then there has to be one experienced doctor or practitioner with them.

For medical treatment, put a broken tablet of Amyl Nitrate to a patient’s nose for 15 seconds, while preparing an injection of Sodium nitrate and Sodium Thiosulfate.

After discontinuance of Amyl nitrate treatment, 10 cubic centimeters of 3% Sodium Nitrate should be given by venous injection to a patient at a rate of 2.5 ccs per minute. Then 50 cubic centimeters of 25% Sodium Thiosulfate should be injected at the same rate mentioned above. In meantime, keep monitoring the patient if he/she shows any signs of congestion

The second remedy should be used in half quantity as much of the first dosage after two hours from the start of treatment. Never give a dose of Methylene Blue if a patient is been treated with Amyl Nitrate.

All those pharmacies and stores must be banned or should be charged heavily if they provide cyanide pill for sale, or secretly at a cheap price to depressed patients, or individuals belonging to the millennial age group. If asked, then they must ask for a prescription receipt or any genuine medical proof by Doctor.

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